DrupalSouth Melbourne 2015

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Video Torrent

The videos are up on YouTube, but if you want to view them offline or pop them in XBMC, separate files are just easier. Download the torrent file and add it to your favourite BitTorrent client, then wait.

DrupalSouth 2015 Melbourne.torrent (325Kb)

The full torrent is 32GB and contains 50 files. The video is 1280x720 in size and encoded as 2Mbit h264/aac.

Session recordings

Hurray, session recordings are now becoming available! We've done basic quality control and are uploading the recordings to YouTube. We're adding the recordings to each sessions page as they're uploaded. Unfortunately, that's not a fast process, so it will take a few days to publish them all!

All finished for another year

DrupalSouth is done for another year. Thank you, everyone who helped make it happen and who attended.

We still have session recordings to come, but they need some post-processing, so we're not sure when they'll be ready. We'll upload them as soon as we can and we'll let you know when we do so.

See you at DrupalGov in Canberra!


Making the most of your time at DrupalSouth.

It's hard to believe we'll all be gathering together in Melbourne in just 3 days. Over 300 of you have registered to attend! While we've been working hard on stuff like getting the program together and arranging details with the venue, the real work is now up to you.

Conferences are for connecting with people and sharing what you know. So here's some details to help you do that and get the most out of this event.

Introducing Harriet Wakelam, our second keynote speaker

We're delighted to welcome design strategist Harriet Wakelam as our second keynote speaker for DrupalSouth.

Harriet is currently Head of CX at Medibank, Australia’s biggest health insurance company. In the past year she returned from a stint at Capco (a specialist Financial Services consultancy) in London where she was establishing the CX design strategy.

Session Schedule

The full session schedule is now available! When logged in, you can create a personalised schedule by clicking the Add to your schedule button at the bottom of the session you want to attend.

Your personalised schedule is available in your user profile. You can access both the full and your personalised schedule as iCal feeds, so you can pop the program into your favourite calendar.

Drupal South Delegate Wiki

To help you organise social events around the conference, we've added a wiki to the Drupal South website. All delegates can add or edit any wiki page.

If you have any plans and would like to invite other Drupalers along, create a wiki page and invite others to add themselves.