The Business Case for attending DrupalSouth

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Attending DrupalSouth is a sound investment in your staff. This professional development experience will let them build new skills, forge relationships in the industry and connect with key members of the Drupal community.


Staff get three key opportunities:

  1. Learn the latest technology and grow their Drupal skillset.
  2. Build a stronger network in the community.
  3. Collaborate and share their knowledge with others.

It’s no secret the community is real powerhouse behind Drupal. Attending a community event such as DrupalSouth will allow your staff to not only learn from leading presenters, but engage directly with them. Not only will they build new understandings, but also forge relationships that will help them continue to build skills, expertise and connect with Drupal best practices.

Drupal is increasingly the content management platform of choice. The Australian government recently selected Drupal to form the foundation of govCMS, a whole-of-government, cloud-based, web platform. So if you’re not using Drupal now, there’s a strong chance you’ll be considering it soon.  DrupalSouth offers a chance to evaluate how it might meet your future content requirements, as well as deliver the best value professional development for this key technology.

Download the Business Case.

It contains:

  • Trip Budget Planner
  • Request Template
  • Trip Report Template
    • Executive Summary
    • Program Highlights
    • Meeting Highlights
    • Contacts

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