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Making the most of your time at DrupalSouth.

It's hard to believe we'll all be gathering together in Melbourne in just 3 days. Over 300 of you have registered to attend! While we've been working hard on stuff like getting the program together and arranging details with the venue, the real work is now up to you.

Conferences are for connecting with people and sharing what you know. So here's some details to help you do that and get the most out of this event.

Birds of a Feather Sessions (BoFs)

We'll have a whiteboard at the registration desk to book the BoF room. (We've got one scheduled in already, more on that later.) But you might want to connect with others to see if they share your enthusiasm for a topic. Check out the the BoF page on the wiki

Saturday Sprints

If you're planning to come to the Saturday Sprints you should make sure you are prepared by downloading the Drupal community tools. Check out the Sprint page on the wiki for all the details. If you're planning to show up just for the sprint and you're not registered for the conference please let us know via the contact form.

If you're not coming to the conference, but want to join in for the sprints you can still join in remotely via the #drupal-au channel on the freenode IRC network.

Twitter Tags and Lists

We are using #DrupalSouth as our official conference hashtag.

We've also set up an attendee twitter list. See MEL 2015 Attendees

It actually lists anyone who has an account on the website and has shared their twitter name with us, so some of you who aren't attending will be on it too! (It's ok - you can still get a ticket if you want to!).

We've got a special list for our wonderful sponsors too. See MEL 2015 Sponsors

Please show them some love by subscribing to the list, maybe even send them a thank you tweet? They've made it possible for us to call the incredible Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre home for DrupalSouth 2015 and we are deeply grateful for their support. Please be sure to follow us @DrupalSouth

Badges / Attendee page

Have you told us you're happy to be shown on our Attendee page? If yes, then you'll be listed, if not, then you won't. We really respect your privacy, so head to your profile and un-check the box if you don't want your name on the public list.

If you do want to tell the world you'll be at DrupalSouth - then we have some badges to help you do that! Help us spread the word by putting a badge on your blog, social media profile, or even in an email.

As for your real name badge, you can pick that up at the venue from 8am on Thursday morning.