Introducing Harriet Wakelam, our second keynote speaker

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We're delighted to welcome design strategist Harriet Wakelam as our second keynote speaker for DrupalSouth.

Harriet is currently Head of CX at Medibank, Australia’s biggest health insurance company. In the past year she returned from a stint at Capco (a specialist Financial Services consultancy) in London where she was establishing the CX design strategy.

Given that titles are meaningless... This means that Harriet is fascinated by designing and delivering change at the intersection of people, product and service. She is driven by the development of purposeful services and new types of metrics whether in health, financial services or communications through the development of outcomes not outputs. She is driven by a vision of a fairer world that sustains people and business.

Harriet has worked as an experience designer with NAB, Australia Post, European and UK banks, and supports a range of innovative start-ups from Singapore to Russia.

She listens a lot, talks a bit and loves to weave curious cross-disciplinary teams with the courage to both create exciting things often but also build breakthroughs from disasters.

Harriet is originally a Londoner arriving back in Melbourne via Perth, Karratha, and Slovakia amongst others. Her great loves include 2 small people, the random collision of ideas, brave people, courage and mischief (supported by the odd chocolate and martini).

Harriet's session, True, real and ideal…Designing for purpose, delivering with impact, will lead off Day 2 of DrupalSouth. In the meantime, you can follow her on Twitter.