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Drupal 8: What you need to know

Speaker(s) Angela Byron
Session Track Drupal Futures

Since March 2011, the community has been hard at work on Drupal 8, which is currently undergoing active development. This revolutionary new release sports tons of improvements, and Angela Byron, Drupal core committer and long-time core developer, will lead you through the most important ones and how they'll impact your future site building endeavors.

Enterprise Glue: Configuring and extending Shibboleth to integrate Drupal CMS, Python and Java web applications

Speaker(s) Gavin Jackson

This presentation looks at the architecture, configuration and extension of the Open Source Single Sign On product Shibboleth. I will discuss how we share authentication and user role/attribute details between our drupal CMS and internal Java and Python web applications, configuration of the Shibboleth IDP and SP (apache mod_shib), configuration of the drupal shib_auth module (including how to map shibboleth attributes to drupal roles). I'll also discuss extending the IDP to provide custom authentication and attribute resolution.

HTML5 Rocks: The best of the modern web

Speaker(s) Sam Thorogood
Session Track Drupal Futures

An average Google search to complete a task inside the web platform, like form validation, turns up a multitude of results using a wide variety of add-on technologies to the Web. These include pure JavaScript, jQuery plugins, PHP libraries, and include catchy phrases: the 'best', 'ultimate', to name a few.

Keynote: True, real and ideal… designing for purpose, delivering with impact

Speaker(s) Harriet Wakelam

This session will examine the system of design... It will look at how we design for actions, consequences and relationships and how this makes it easier to design products and services that wow.  I am going to tell you some hard earned stories of the way I've learnt to tread the line between true and real and ideal.  How even having these conversations will change the work you are trusted to do... and what might happen if we do things properly.

There and Back Again: An Unexpected Journey in Agile Documentation

Speaker(s) loquacity
Session Track Site building

While many developers are now using Agile development methodologies to produce software, most documentation is still produced using traditional waterfall-style methods. This just wasn't cutting it for me, though, so I developed an entirely new way of planning and writing documentation based on Agile development methods. The days of an author spending months in a draughty garret to produce dry technical documentation are over, the future of documentation is here.

Drupal as an Integration Hub

Speaker(s) James Purser

We have had quite a few projects where we have used Drupal as the core of an integration star diagram. Drupal has typically owned user data and some related entities.

As the canonical source of user information, Drupal has to be able to integrate with a range of different systems - all living on different technical stacks and using a range of protocals to communicate.

Thankfully, Drupal's open source heritage and PHP implementation means that the libraries required to speak the right technical language are generally already mature and extendable.

Government as a Service: Architecting govCMS

Speaker(s) typhonius
Session Track Planning for Drupal

Architecting any solution can be tricky to get right. With different requirements, sometimes unknown but important functionality and often several stakeholders to satisfy.

How then, is a successful Whole-of-Government solution engineered? One that is able to take the needs of the many, and place it into one codebase. 

This session discusses the process taken by Acquia in conjunction with the Department of Finance to make govCMS a success. We'll be explaining:

The present and future of intranets

Speaker(s) rebeccar

As Drupal makes its mark on public-facing websites, there is matching interest in reshaping staff-facing intranets.

This talk, by Rebecca Rodgers a Principal Consultant with Step Two Designs, the leader in intranets, will provide a pragmatic view of the current state of intranets, and the future possibilties.

Packed with screenshots from real-world intranets, this session will inspire you to deliver a great intranet, as well as providing a framework for developing an intranet strategy.