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Compete to Collaborate - Exploring wider collaboration mechanisms in the Drupal space

Speaker(s) Anoop John
Session Track Business and strategy

Drupal is a powerful platform but most Drupal firms are less than 50 people strong and there are very few in the 50 - 500 range. One of the biggest limitations (and also the biggest strengths) of Drupal is its powerful API which creates a steep learning curve for anybody new in Drupal and consequently an entry barrier for new players to enter also also a limitation for existing players to scale. 

The DrupalCI initiative

Speaker(s) nick_schuch


This session is all about an adhoc initiative with the goal of improving the testing situation on

This talk will outline:

  • pain points.
  • The components of DrupalCI (API, dispatcher, results, module and monitoring). Each of these components will be separate open source projects that you can leverage as well!
  • How you can help.

You could say this talk is going to cover all the latest hotness in continuous integration.

The Dark Art of making a Non-Profit (beyond contact management)

Speaker(s) peter.davis
Session Track Drupal public

Non Profits come in many shapes and sizes. Some need 'case management' tools, for others their 'core business' is campaigning. Online shops, membership systems, task tracking, grant management, event management and managing volunteers are also common requirements. And underpinning all of the above is the need for comprehensive contact management and communication package.

No CMS is an Island, Entire of Itself; What open source communities can teach each other

Speaker(s) The Web Princess

No CMS is an Island, Entire of Itself;
What open source communities can teach each other 

by Dee Teal

"Drupal Futures"
DrupalSouth Conference
March 5th - March 7th 2015

Every CMS is a piece of the continent, a part of the main; if Drupal be washed away by the sea, WordPress is the less, as well as if Joomla were... (With the humblest of apologies to John Donne...)

Using Drupal in education: strategies, standalone vs collaboration

There is no simple solution to cover all the challenges that education is currently facing. The number of software applications that are currently on the market are addressing only fraction of requested features. After extensive research and the number of specialized and customized projects for universities, we set the goal to create LMS that education sector is craving for.

Services in Drupal 8: using Drupal as data storage for mobile apps, web apps and websites

Session Track Drupal Futures

Web services is one of the official Drupal 8 initiatives. Known as "headless Drupal", web services allow us to use Drupal as a data storage for applications and websites using various frameworks and technologies. 

This session will address:

1. Introduction to web services. Origins and types of web services, crucial components and basics to get us going. We will look into the difference between Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 service setup and why it was crucial to get services into the core. 

2. Examples. Practical use of web services with various frameworks.