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Panel: Project manager war stories

Speaker(s) Murray
Session Track Planning for Drupal

Project managers are a crucial element in the success of a project. They are the glue between the client and the developers, between the vision and the reality. This is not an easy job. What are the secrets to keeping a project on track when the odds seemed stacked against you? Do you have a few stories to tell from the trenches?

Performance: Not an Afterthought

Speaker(s) Nick Santamaria

As Drupal continues to experience huge growth with government and enterprise clients, the scale and complexity of Drupal implementations also grows. A common issue affecting these bigger projects is poor website performance. Problems of this nature have huge and costly impacts on the customer; lost sales and advertising revenue, loss of consumer confidence and brand legitimacy, SEO penalties, increased hosting infrastructure costs - the list goes on. Not to mention the developers tasked with fixing the problem!

Intro to GIT

Speaker(s) garethhallnz

I strongly consider this best practice when building a site, and thought it would be a good opportunity to go over its importance and how you can make it work for you.

Git offers several advantages:
• It's super fast
• It's easy.
• And no you don't need to be familiar with Command Line code (there are several great GUI's out there).

Panel: Selling agile

Speaker(s) pameeela

We've all heard by now that agile development is the solution to all of our problems. It sounds great in theory - but how do you convince others, whether clients or colleagues or supervisors, to take the plunge?

We're proposing panel discussion where two to four agile practitioners discuss how they sell agile projects to clients, how they then structure the contract and discovery phases. Along the way we would hope to find out about the advantages of agile methodologies for building software, as well as the practical tips for getting the client on board.

Panel: Content strategy

Drupal is a content management system - so why do so many of us ignore content during the planning and building process?

Whether you're a client or vendor, chances are you could use some help in the content strategy area.

This is a panel discussion where the panelists can give a brief intro into the benefits of this often overlooked component of a Drupal project. Discussion can then move on to strategy and practical techniques for managing content strategy.

Best practices for configuration management in Drupal 8

Speaker(s) beejeebus

Drupal 8 ships with a new Configuration Management System (CMI) that vastly improves on Drupal 7. A Drupal site's configuration can be expressed as a set of yaml files, and stored and managed just like source code.

In this talk I'll explore the powerful new CMI features, and present best practice workflows for managing configuration across Drupal 8 projects.

Trying to figure out how Drupal 8's new CMI features will work with your development team? Come to this presentation and we'll try to work it out.

Better Remote Work

Speaker(s) jOksanen

Find out what you can to do improve your remote/distributed team, and how to get more out of your everyday remote work.

If you're not yet working remotely, I'll give you a good idea on what it will feel like, and cover most of the early issues that you'll face.

Remote work has come by storm to the world of IT in the last few years. In Drupal, it's starting to be so that almost everyone has a possibility to work remotely. Working remote has a great number of benefits, but almost just as many issues.