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Idealism embodied: Philosophy, Code, Empowerment

Speaker(s) horncologne
Session Track Drupal Futures

As part of the LAMP stack, PHP is a dominant web technology and it is getting more powerful all the time: Convergence through things like Composer and the PSR standards is bringing once disparate communities together. Multiple “meta projects” like Drupal are adopting code from around the PHP and FOSS spheres. Contribution to one has become contribution to whole ecosystems. Many of us are idealists. Powering 80% of the web, we have the chance – and perhaps the responsibility – to make a difference through PHP.

Create your own bespoke Views Style Plugins for Drupal 8

Speaker(s) Jibran Ijaz

Views in Drupal Core was the first initiative to reach feature completion in Drupal 8. Like all other core systems Views has embraced PSR , Plugin Systems, Annotations and ConfigEntities.

This session is about how Drupal 8 makes it easy and painless to create a ViewsStyle Plugin.

We'll learn:

  • How to add a custom theme to a plugin.
  • How to add a display option to a plugin.
  • How to use configuration options to customise the HTML output.

We'll also take a look into some contributed views style plugin modules.

There is a PHP library for that

Speaker(s) Josh Taylor


"There is a module for that"

A very common expression amongst Drupal developers (and maybe Apple users with their app too) due to the great ecosystem of modules that Drupal has.

You can find a number of great modules that Drupal has that makes Drupal special, and is used for hundreds of thousands of websites out there.

The problem with this is that it is impossible to reuse code outside of the Drupal community, with many wheels that have been solved already solved.

Who said developers can't design!

Speaker(s) rikki_iki

Web design isn’t just for designers. A basic understanding of the principles of design can help any developer deliver a better product. Better because there is less back and forth between you and the designer, because you can create a decent looking mockup of something, because you can start to understand their language (and can tell if they’re making up excuses).

And if your designer colleagues don’t have basic HTML/CSS skills you’ll be better equipped to teach them code.

Explained by a web designer turned Drupal developer, this session will cover;

Drupal Ecommerce

Speaker(s) Steven Cooper

This session is all about ways that developers can monitise drupal powered websites using various ecommerce integrations from store based solutions to subscription based pay wall content. 

We look at how you can use exisiting plaform integrations to bespoke integrations using the likes of Braintree V.Zero to accept PayPal, Credit Card, Apple Pay and bitcoin in as little as 12 lines of code. 

Prototyping in User Centered Design in Drupal

Speaker(s) chloe

My talk is about prototyping in user centred UX Design process for Drupal . I will briefly talk about different phases and deliverables in UX designs process,  but my focus will be on Prototyping and Prototype testing for Drupal websites. The talk is for Drupal UX designers, project managers and Information architects, but I think some Drupal developers, site builders, and front-end will find it useful as well.


1. Why Drupal teams need UX designers

2. Prototyping and testing in Drupal, when and how

Open Source Enterprise Continuous Delivery for Drupal

Speaker(s) August1914

Step up to enterprise Continuous Delivery (CD) practices to Drupal with this comprehensive walk through of the totally awesome, recently open-sourced CD platform called "Go":   Download Go Open Source.       The “Go” project started as “Cruise Control” in 2001, rooted in the first principle of the Agile Manifesto: “Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software”.