Track: Building with Drupal

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Track chairs: Jess Taylor and Ben Dechrai

General Guidelines: Talks in Building with Drupal should focus principally on practices, techniques or approaches which help someone build better Drupal websites. Building talks should contain practical, actionable things which an attendee can put into practice.

Building with Drupal sessions can fall into any of the following sub-categories:

Site building

How do you build and manage a Drupal site through administration tools and module configuration without any coding? Do you build your project module by module or start with a pre-configured Drupal distribution? Showcase your own site-building toolkit and the modules that help you create great sites time after time.

This is the general track for site building, planning, lightweight development and other beginner and intermediate site building topics. This is Drupal's "bread & butter" track. Just started with Drupal or still learning all of Drupal's moving parts? You'll be here.

  • Main Themes
    • Best Practices. The tools and modules that allow you to best create and maintain your Drupal site.
    • Building better Drupal sites with contributed modules and distributions.
    • Key Concepts. The foundations of Drupal site building and contributed modules.
    • How to improve the performance of your site from within Drupal’s admin tools and contributed modules.
    • Sharing content and integrating external data with your Drupal site.
  • Audience: The Site Building track is targeted at attendees of all skill and experience levels, however it is expected some sessions will be intended for advanced sitebuilders.
  • Assumed knowledge: low - med
  • Skills/subjects: site building, beginner PHP


A great user experience (UX) is at the core of any successful Drupal website.  UX design includes interaction, usability, accessibility, branding, aesthetic, art and creativity.  Designing and implementing user experiences for Drupal requires an understanding of Drupal’s theme layer and the expanding range of platforms used to access the web today and tomorrow.

  • Main Themes
    • Twig in Drupal 8
    • Interaction: Javascript, JS frameworks, CSS3+
    • Theming: HTML, CSS, templates
    • Platforms: Cross-browser compatibility, mobile, TV, … the fridge?
  • Audience: Themers, UX designers, site builders, developers
  • Assumed knowledge: mixed
  • Skills/subjects: theming, html, css, js

Coding & development

How do you code and deploy Drupal projects? Whether you build custom modules, contribute to core, or create complex integrations for your Drupal projects, dive deep, share your tools and techniques and show how you’re preparing for Drupal 8.

  • Main Themes:
    • Leveraging new paradigms in Drupal 8
    • Custom development for Drupal 7
    • Drupal as an application platform
    • Integrating Drupal’s API with other systems and libraries
    • Provisioning and deployment
  • Audience: Coders, hackers, architects, dev-ops and those wanting to learn more about Drupal development. 
  • Assumed knowledge: med - high. This track is for those of all levels of experience with a basic understanding of PHP and the basics of Drupal and web development.
  • Skills/subjects: development, sysops

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