Track: Drupal Futures

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Track chairs: David Peterson & Christopher Skene

General guidelines: Talks in the Futures track should expand our horizons and help to understand the future of the web, technology and Drupal's place in that ecosystem.

Digital visions

Where is the web going? What technologies and trends will impact on its future? Where can Drupal fit into this world? This track will cover big picture issues and look at the evolving macro-environment.

  • Main themes:
    • Trends and consumer behaviour
    • Future platforms (Bionics?, Internet of Things?, Vehicles?)
    • Scientific approaches
    • Future scanning
    • Wild predictions
  • Assumed knowledge: none
  • Skills/subjects: innovation, creative thinking, future scanning

Drupal futures

What does the future hold for Drupal? Will Drupal 8 radically change the landscape for Drupal and its competitors? Will the promise of a RESTful future play out as hoped? 

  • Main themes:
    • How will Drupal 8 affect the Drupal market
    • What future possibilities should Drupal 9 be looking towards
    • Competitors
    • Opportunities and challenges
  • Audience: Anyone interested in the future of Drupal
  • Assumed knowledge: none
  • Skills/subjects: Drupal 8 and beyond, future scanning, trends

The technical edge

Technology moves at a blistering pace. What new technologies or technology practices are emerging or on the horizon which can augment or change how we use Drupal.

  • Main themes:
    • Drupal + Symfony
    • The Headless front-end
    • Universal access (not just accessibility)
  • Assumed knowledge: low - med
  • Skills/subjects: technical innovation and experimentation, new ways of using Drupal

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