Track: Planning for Drupal

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Track chairs: Pamela Barone and Murray Woodman

General Guidelines: Talks in the Planning for Drupal track should help attendees conceptualise and plan their Drupal projects. They may include case studies or lessons learned, or practical, non-technical talks dealing with aspects outside of Site Building.

Business & strategy

How is Drupal solving real-world business problems?  What can it do for you and your business or project? How do you manage risks and ensure success?

The Business and Strategy track will explore how organisations are using Drupal to enhance web experience - and to captivate, engage and convert visitors. It will cover critical success factors in delivering business benefits and ROI - including effective needs analysis & user-focused design, managing risk during project execution, measuring results and optimising growth.

  • Main Themes:
    • How to more effectively deliver successful Drupal projects on time and on budget.
    • How to better engage with customers and stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle
    • Techniques for managing the new business process and customer acquisition
    • Case studies that demonstrate how Drupal can be used to solve complex business problems and foster innovation
    • Selecting and adopting Drupal as a platform for your project or organisation
  • Audience: Executives and decisions makers; Business, project and product managers, as well as anyone interested in making informed technology decisions in their organisation or about delivering better Drupal solutions.
  • Assumed knowledge: low - med
  • Skills/subjects: strategy, project delivery

User experience

How do we build better, more engaging, more user focussed digital experiences? This track covers all things UX.

  • Main themes:
    • User centred design
    • Understanding your users and their stories
    • Best practices in User Experience
    • Platforms:  Cross-browser compatibility, mobile, TV, … the fridge?
    • Content strategy
  • Audience: UX, interaction, and visual design practitioners, content strategists
  • Assumed knowledge: low - med
  • Skills/subjects: user experience, design, IA, user testing etc.

Drupal Public

How is Drupal contributing to a better future? Where is Drupal being used to add to the public good, and how can Drupal serve this market better? 

  • Main themes:
    • Drupal for not-for-profits
    • Drupal in Government
    • Drupal as an enabler
  • Assumed knowledge: none
  • Skills/subjects: innovation, creative thinking, future scanning

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