Drupal as an Integration Hub

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Schedule info
Time slot 2015-03-05 10:45 (Session 1)
Room Doghouse - Room D
Speaker(s) James Purser

We have had quite a few projects where we have used Drupal as the core of an integration star diagram. Drupal has typically owned user data and some related entities.

As the canonical source of user information, Drupal has to be able to integrate with a range of different systems - all living on different technical stacks and using a range of protocals to communicate.

Thankfully, Drupal's open source heritage and PHP implementation means that the libraries required to speak the right technical language are generally already mature and extendable.

In one of our larger LMS projects, we integrated Drupal with Moodle LMS, SimpleSAMLphp (authentication), Two different payment gateways, Salesforce and a Student Management system.

We learnt a lot in glueing these systems together via Drupal and have some experiences to share in some of the approaches and architectures that we applied.

This talk will explore:

 - asynchronous vs synchronous integration

 - pluses and web services in Enterprise solutions

 - what we learnt using of queuing/messaging layer

 - test harnesses for web services

 - architecting for failure

 - integration point monitoring

You can now find the slides for this presentation here:


Experience level Advanced
Primary track Building with Drupal