Power to the Editors: Introducing the Paragraphs module

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Time slot 2015-03-06 14:30 (Session 4)
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Oftentimes there is a tension between what editors want and what site builders are willing or capable of delivering. Site builders love it when Drupal is a machine, acting on clean, well defined data structures. Editors often just want to put great looking content on a page wherever they want. Sometimes this works out well but other times things can get tricky. This presentation will demonstrate how the Paragraphs module can be used to overcome these difficulties and provide editors with a friendly editing interface into the bargain.

Site builders have a familiar toolkit which includes nodes, fields, view modes and templates. Nodes have a defined structure and this is transposed into a template. Module such as Panelizer gives site builders the ability to customize layouts on a per node basis - very handy for handling one off tweaks. However, the Panelizer interface is complex and powerful. As such, it is not suitable for Editors who want a simple way to manage only content. How can this be brought into the node edit screen?

Introducing the Paragraphs module. It provides a way for editors to add the content they wish, in the order they wish to the regions they wish.... all on the node edit page. This is a big win for editors and for site builders too. Site builders retain control over the data model and editors get the flexibility they wish.

The presentation will cover the following areas:

  • A hilarious ;) role playing exercise between a besieged site builder and an optimistic editor. We've all been there, right.
  • An introduction to the Paragraphs module and how it can be used.
  • Some advanced tips on how to get some hot looking layouts for edge to edge and page based designs.
  • A demo of a "filtering" paragraph type which exposes the power of views to the editor.

A similar presentation was given by the presenters at DrupalCamp Sydney. It generated a fair amount of discussion around layout techniques in general.

Experience level Beginner
Primary track Building with Drupal