There and Back Again: An Unexpected Journey in Agile Documentation

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Schedule info
Time slot 2015-03-06 14:30 (Session 4)
Room Technocrat Auditorium
Speaker(s) loquacity

While many developers are now using Agile development methodologies to produce software, most documentation is still produced using traditional waterfall-style methods. This just wasn't cutting it for me, though, so I developed an entirely new way of planning and writing documentation based on Agile development methods. The days of an author spending months in a draughty garret to produce dry technical documentation are over, the future of documentation is here.

This is a hands-on talk, where I take the audience through a series of development sprints as a documentation team, creating a living, shared document on the big screen. We document a lego creation by a small team of 'developers' (volunteers from the audience). This has been run with much success for smaller audiences, comprising both developers and experienced technical writers. A rudimentary level of agile development knowledge is assumed, knowledge of technical writing or documentation in an agile environment is not.

Technical requirements: ideally, this is presented in a space with dual projection capabilities, one showing a live feed of the lego 'development', and one showing the collaborative document. However, the talk can be tailored to the room quite easily, and as long as I can get details of the technical capabilities of the room ahead of time, I can work within most constraints.

Experience level Beginner
Session Track Site building
Primary track Drupal Futures