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Changing Government

Speaker(s) George

Australian government is moving to a digital first model based with Agile principles and an emphasis on innovation. But how do you make a case for this in a large organisation with stakeholders with different interests. This session provides case studies for change. **Other speakers welcome - just wanted to get this idea up**



The present and future of intranets

Speaker(s) rebeccar

As Drupal makes its mark on public-facing websites, there is matching interest in reshaping staff-facing intranets.

This talk, by Rebecca Rodgers a Principal Consultant with Step Two Designs, the leader in intranets, will provide a pragmatic view of the current state of intranets, and the future possibilties.

Packed with screenshots from real-world intranets, this session will inspire you to deliver a great intranet, as well as providing a framework for developing an intranet strategy.

Compete to Collaborate - Exploring wider collaboration mechanisms in the Drupal space

Speaker(s) Anoop John
Session Track Business and strategy

Drupal is a powerful platform but most Drupal firms are less than 50 people strong and there are very few in the 50 - 500 range. One of the biggest limitations (and also the biggest strengths) of Drupal is its powerful API which creates a steep learning curve for anybody new in Drupal and consequently an entry barrier for new players to enter also also a limitation for existing players to scale. 

2.9 million words in two months (and then what?)

Speaker(s) Peter Henderson

Most web teams face one inescapable truth - content will be late.

This session is about how the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority got on the front foot and reworked 2.9 million words in just two months.

Review, rewrite, edit, approve and publish; without cutting any corners; and with only one person to coordinate.

Learn how Drupal was used to efficiently solve this problem, and why email is the wrong tool for content development.

 # Epilogue

Site administrators deserve a good UX too


It’s all very well to satisfy the usability needs of the end users, but when it comes to doing that and keeping costs down, it’s often the site administrators that suffer. All too often shortcuts are taken to get your custom Drupal backend to just-working rather than actually user-friendly - leading to clients who hate managing their websites and think that they don’t work as they should.

The Open Source Paradigm Shift

Speaker(s) Kim Pepper

Open Source is becoming mainstream, especially in government.

Recently the Federal Government announced a CMS Platform-as-a-Service called govCMS, based on aGov and Acquia Site Factory.

There are hundreds of sites currently running Drupal in Australian government agencies already. With the advent of govCMS, this number is expected to accelerate.

How do organisations maximise the effectiveness of working with open source software like Drupal?

In this session I will discuss: