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Enterprise Glue: Configuring and extending Shibboleth to integrate Drupal CMS, Python and Java web applications

Speaker(s) Gavin Jackson

This presentation looks at the architecture, configuration and extension of the Open Source Single Sign On product Shibboleth. I will discuss how we share authentication and user role/attribute details between our drupal CMS and internal Java and Python web applications, configuration of the Shibboleth IDP and SP (apache mod_shib), configuration of the drupal shib_auth module (including how to map shibboleth attributes to drupal roles). I'll also discuss extending the IDP to provide custom authentication and attribute resolution.

Drupal as an Integration Hub

Speaker(s) James Purser

We have had quite a few projects where we have used Drupal as the core of an integration star diagram. Drupal has typically owned user data and some related entities.

As the canonical source of user information, Drupal has to be able to integrate with a range of different systems - all living on different technical stacks and using a range of protocals to communicate.

Thankfully, Drupal's open source heritage and PHP implementation means that the libraries required to speak the right technical language are generally already mature and extendable.

Drupal 8 CMI on Managed Workflow

Speaker(s) populist
Session Track Coding and development

The Drupal 8 Configuration Management Initiative (CMI) is a straight up game changer for Drupal development and deployment. As much as we all love doing it live, no longer will this kind of human powered configuration replay in production be necessary. Instead, developers will be able to natively export their configuration to code and deploy that configuration to production using the CMI tools.

The DrupalCI initiative

Speaker(s) nick_schuch


This session is all about an adhoc initiative with the goal of improving the testing situation on

This talk will outline:

  • pain points.
  • The components of DrupalCI (API, dispatcher, results, module and monitoring). Each of these components will be separate open source projects that you can leverage as well!
  • How you can help.

You could say this talk is going to cover all the latest hotness in continuous integration.

a new bromance: Drupal and Docker

Speaker(s) Marji

Work on your Drupal site on your laptop, then move the whole thing to the cloud. Simple. Easy..

This presentation, to be delivered by a Drupal Sysadmin who - believe it or not - is not an introvert and actually likes people, will show you:

  • what docker is and why you want to use it,
  • how easy it is to start.

You might learn a few cool things you will love, e.g.

Drupal software architecture: Turn commitments into options

Speaker(s) boztek

A standard approach to architecting Drupal sites is to map domain concepts to Drupal entities early in the development cycle. Some things become nodes, others taxonomy terms or organic groups or rules, and some are flagged as potential custom Drupal entities.

Changing these decisions later on can be hard enough from a site building perspective but consider the situation where the site has complex and evolving business logic in custom modules. The expense of maintaining this custom code makes these early architectural decisions crucial.

Database and Query Design for Scalable Drupal Modules

Speaker(s) arjen
Session Track Coding and development

In our database and server maintenance work, we unfortunately encounter many instances where Drupal modules are hindering optimisation and scaling. In this session, Arjen covers topics from table design to indexing, code logic and other factors that will help your modules to not cause such problems.

If you're a cover but not a module developer yourself, that's great too - perhaps you can help fix up some of the existing modules out there!