Digital visions

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The present and future of intranets

Speaker(s) rebeccar

As Drupal makes its mark on public-facing websites, there is matching interest in reshaping staff-facing intranets.

This talk, by Rebecca Rodgers a Principal Consultant with Step Two Designs, the leader in intranets, will provide a pragmatic view of the current state of intranets, and the future possibilties.

Packed with screenshots from real-world intranets, this session will inspire you to deliver a great intranet, as well as providing a framework for developing an intranet strategy.

Build responsive, resilient and distributed APIs

Speaker(s) davidseth

The way we are building web applications is changing. Scaling is important, fast response times are crucial and real-time is not just a catch phrase but an essential requirement. 

Reactive development is a new way of building applications that are Responsive, Resilient, Elastic and Distributed. The abilty to heal and adapt to problems is a key tenant that ensures entire systems are not brought down by failures.

Using Drupal in education: strategies, standalone vs collaboration

There is no simple solution to cover all the challenges that education is currently facing. The number of software applications that are currently on the market are addressing only fraction of requested features. After extensive research and the number of specialized and customized projects for universities, we set the goal to create LMS that education sector is craving for.

Coin Tools: integrating Bitcoin with Drupal

Speaker(s) Jonathan Brown
Session Track Digital visions

Over the next 25 years, autonomous technologies based on the Blockchain such as Bitcoin and ethereum will eclipse the changes brought to the world in the previous 25 years by the Internet and the World Wide Web.

If Drupal is to stay relevant, it needs to have first class integration with these technologies.

There is an Australian production called the The Bitcoin Doco which does a fantastic job of showing how Bitcoin can make an impact in the real world.

Drupal and the future of the internet

Speaker(s) Tim Siers

Drupal has cemented its place within the era of digital information through its ability to manage and structure large volumes of content.

However we’re now living in the “age of the customer”, a time when users expect more and want to wait less. The power has shifted away from content holders and into the hands of consumers who demand exceptional experiences and engaging interactions.

Connecting with Accessibility: compliance or confidence

A large shift to online services from government and enterprise is resulting in an increase in both independence for people with disabilities, but also in many cases with an increase in frustration, wasted effort and lock-out due to the lack of adequate thought and care around inclusive online services. 

Government and, increasingly, major retailers are tasked with ensuring their services do not discriminate against large sections of the population.

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) and Code-In (GCI)

Speaker(s) Slurpee
  • GCI (Google Code-In) - High School Students - The Google Code-In is a contest to introduce pre-university students (ages 13-17) to the many kinds of contributions that make open source software development possible. The contest's purpose is learning how to contribute to open-source software projects and offers students a chance to win a once in a life time grand prize of an all expense paid trip to Google HQ in California.

Uber Drupal

Speaker(s) Steven Cooper

Drupal is awesome (we all know it) and so why not use the power of Drupal combined with the coolness that is the Uber business model.

Thats what we will do in this session, ill show you how to use the awesomeness that is Braintree V.Zero to create your own version of Uber which you can use to create anything from a book delivery service (and pay based on the number of pages in the book and distance) to a way to create a bar tab web app using customer profiles and the Braintree V.Zero vault. 

Drupal Ecommerce

Speaker(s) Steven Cooper

This session is all about ways that developers can monitise drupal powered websites using various ecommerce integrations from store based solutions to subscription based pay wall content. 

We look at how you can use exisiting plaform integrations to bespoke integrations using the likes of Braintree V.Zero to accept PayPal, Credit Card, Apple Pay and bitcoin in as little as 12 lines of code.