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Case Study: Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria

Speaker(s) Jen Kingwell

The Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria (DVRCV) was one of the first organisations in the Victorian family violence sector to have a website and social media presence, and continues to be a sector leader in building innovative, award-winning digital projects aimed at preventing and responding to issues around family violence.

In 2013, DVRCV redeveloped its existing flagship website, moving from Wordpress to a Drupal multisite, alongside a new visionary website for workers who support women and children experiencing violence. 

Changing Government

Speaker(s) George

Australian government is moving to a digital first model based with Agile principles and an emphasis on innovation. But how do you make a case for this in a large organisation with stakeholders with different interests. This session provides case studies for change. **Other speakers welcome - just wanted to get this idea up**



The Dark Art of making a Non-Profit (beyond contact management)

Speaker(s) peter.davis
Session Track Drupal public

Non Profits come in many shapes and sizes. Some need 'case management' tools, for others their 'core business' is campaigning. Online shops, membership systems, task tracking, grant management, event management and managing volunteers are also common requirements. And underpinning all of the above is the need for comprehensive contact management and communication package.

Using Drupal in education: strategies, standalone vs collaboration

There is no simple solution to cover all the challenges that education is currently facing. The number of software applications that are currently on the market are addressing only fraction of requested features. After extensive research and the number of specialized and customized projects for universities, we set the goal to create LMS that education sector is craving for.

South Australian Red Cross Information Bureau

Speaker(s) Andrew Piper

The State Library of South Australia (SLSA) is honouring the memory of those who served at the front lines on World War 1 and on the home front, through a series of projects. The principal project is the creation of a new web resource of the records of the South Australian Red Cross Information Bureau (SARCIB). The web resource will utilise volunteers and provide opportunities for community created content.

The Open Source Paradigm Shift

Speaker(s) Kim Pepper

Open Source is becoming mainstream, especially in government.

Recently the Federal Government announced a CMS Platform-as-a-Service called govCMS, based on aGov and Acquia Site Factory.

There are hundreds of sites currently running Drupal in Australian government agencies already. With the advent of govCMS, this number is expected to accelerate.

How do organisations maximise the effectiveness of working with open source software like Drupal?

In this session I will discuss:

Connecting with Accessibility: compliance or confidence

A large shift to online services from government and enterprise is resulting in an increase in both independence for people with disabilities, but also in many cases with an increase in frustration, wasted effort and lock-out due to the lack of adequate thought and care around inclusive online services. 

Government and, increasingly, major retailers are tasked with ensuring their services do not discriminate against large sections of the population.

Panel: Content strategy

Drupal is a content management system - so why do so many of us ignore content during the planning and building process?

Whether you're a client or vendor, chances are you could use some help in the content strategy area.

This is a panel discussion where the panelists can give a brief intro into the benefits of this often overlooked component of a Drupal project. Discussion can then move on to strategy and practical techniques for managing content strategy.