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There and Back Again: An Unexpected Journey in Agile Documentation

Speaker(s) loquacity
Session Track Site building

While many developers are now using Agile development methodologies to produce software, most documentation is still produced using traditional waterfall-style methods. This just wasn't cutting it for me, though, so I developed an entirely new way of planning and writing documentation based on Agile development methods. The days of an author spending months in a draughty garret to produce dry technical documentation are over, the future of documentation is here.

Maps to the max: take your maps further with region-awareness and aggregations

Speaker(s) RdeBoer

A brief tour inside and outside of Drupal, of snazzy maps and map applications, and how you can take your maps to the next level by unearthing relationships in your data that you didn't know were there.

Plenty of eye-candy but more importantly practical examples in Drupal of how you can create beautiful, information-packed maps that combine region-awareness with spreadsheet-like functionality to draw your visitors to the right areas.

Fully interactive, fully attractive.

Customise Content Using Display Suite, Panels and Panelizer

Speaker(s) Ivan Zugec

How do you customise the look and feel of an article in Drupal? You can change the order of fields and their formatters from the “Manage display” page, however, you don’t have a lot of flexibility doing it this way. If you’re a beginner and you ask “how can I change the layout on the Page content type?”, you’ll get a lot of opinions. Like many things in Drupal there are couple of ways it can be done.

Power to the Editors: Introducing the Paragraphs module


Oftentimes there is a tension between what editors want and what site builders are willing or capable of delivering. Site builders love it when Drupal is a machine, acting on clean, well defined data structures. Editors often just want to put great looking content on a page wherever they want. Sometimes this works out well but other times things can get tricky. This presentation will demonstrate how the Paragraphs module can be used to overcome these difficulties and provide editors with a friendly editing interface into the bargain.

Rapid development with Sublime + Drush

Speaker(s) Adam Bramley

Everyone has their favourite way of developing and writing code, but isn't it great when you stumble across something that makes your life just that much easier? Whether it's a hotkey you didn't know about, or a plugin you didn't know existed, shaving seconds off repetitive tasks can save you a lifetime of headaches and makes development that much more fun.

This session will take you through a small library of Sublime Text 2 plugins that I have discovered over the years that will aid you in your conquest to Drupal development domination.

On a clear day you can View forever

Speaker(s) Anton Baggerman

This session takes an in-depth look at the veritable Drupal workhorse for displaying your data: Views. We'll explore the various ways that Views allows us to retrieve data from Drupal (or other sources), massage and transform our data, and then display it just the way we want it.

We'll look at the various options in Views, we'll discuss when and how to use various Views hooks and templates, and then briefly look at some of the more popular modules that integrate with Views.

Tools to get things done more efficiently

This presentation is a rundown with examples of the many apps I use that enable me to get things done faster in my day to day work, this will be weighted towards development but there will also be tools of use to anyone using a computer regularly.

It is unashamedly OS X centric, but I will give links for similar applications on other OS's where I can find them.