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Keynote: True, real and ideal… designing for purpose, delivering with impact

Speaker(s) Harriet Wakelam

This session will examine the system of design... It will look at how we design for actions, consequences and relationships and how this makes it easier to design products and services that wow.  I am going to tell you some hard earned stories of the way I've learnt to tread the line between true and real and ideal.  How even having these conversations will change the work you are trusted to do... and what might happen if we do things properly.

The present and future of intranets

Speaker(s) rebeccar

As Drupal makes its mark on public-facing websites, there is matching interest in reshaping staff-facing intranets.

This talk, by Rebecca Rodgers a Principal Consultant with Step Two Designs, the leader in intranets, will provide a pragmatic view of the current state of intranets, and the future possibilties.

Packed with screenshots from real-world intranets, this session will inspire you to deliver a great intranet, as well as providing a framework for developing an intranet strategy.

2.9 million words in two months (and then what?)

Speaker(s) Peter Henderson

Most web teams face one inescapable truth - content will be late.

This session is about how the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority got on the front foot and reworked 2.9 million words in just two months.

Review, rewrite, edit, approve and publish; without cutting any corners; and with only one person to coordinate.

Learn how Drupal was used to efficiently solve this problem, and why email is the wrong tool for content development.

 # Epilogue

UX Is More than a Buzzword

Speaker(s) sleepyscene

User Experience or UX is more than a buzzword; it defines the very success of your website. The concept itself can be vague and is often pigeonholed. In this session we will learn exactly what UX is and more importantly what it isn't.

Cool story... who are you?

My name is Callum and I'm a unicorn designer / developer. I'm also the User Experience and Interface Designer over at *woof*.

Session Overview

Site administrators deserve a good UX too


It’s all very well to satisfy the usability needs of the end users, but when it comes to doing that and keeping costs down, it’s often the site administrators that suffer. All too often shortcuts are taken to get your custom Drupal backend to just-working rather than actually user-friendly - leading to clients who hate managing their websites and think that they don’t work as they should.

Panel: Content strategy

Drupal is a content management system - so why do so many of us ignore content during the planning and building process?

Whether you're a client or vendor, chances are you could use some help in the content strategy area.

This is a panel discussion where the panelists can give a brief intro into the benefits of this often overlooked component of a Drupal project. Discussion can then move on to strategy and practical techniques for managing content strategy.

Uber Drupal

Speaker(s) Steven Cooper

Drupal is awesome (we all know it) and so why not use the power of Drupal combined with the coolness that is the Uber business model.

Thats what we will do in this session, ill show you how to use the awesomeness that is Braintree V.Zero to create your own version of Uber which you can use to create anything from a book delivery service (and pay based on the number of pages in the book and distance) to a way to create a bar tab web app using customer profiles and the Braintree V.Zero vault. 

Drupal Ecommerce

Speaker(s) Steven Cooper

This session is all about ways that developers can monitise drupal powered websites using various ecommerce integrations from store based solutions to subscription based pay wall content. 

We look at how you can use exisiting plaform integrations to bespoke integrations using the likes of Braintree V.Zero to accept PayPal, Credit Card, Apple Pay and bitcoin in as little as 12 lines of code.