How Everything is Connected - Drupal 8 and

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Time slot 2015-03-05 15:45 (Session 5)
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Speaker(s) davidseth

The world is complex and is full of connections and relationships amongst "real things". The web is complex and full of links between text, video and images.

How do we bridge this divide between the real world and the online web? The Graph. The knowledge graph defines what is important to us and how it relates to the things we care about.

When you publish a Drupal site is built with rich Content Types and fields, relationships link things together in a way that provides unique value to your end users. Then this wonderful data is hidden away as soon you you save the page and HTML is generated. integration within Drupal 8 uncovers these hidden "things" and relationships and describes them as rich data within your HTML. 

So, that sounds great, right? But why would you want to do this? was created by the largest search engines in the world Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex. They are consuming this data to provide end users with a much richer and more relevant search experience. Google has stated that 15% of all websites it has indexed use That adds up to ... A LOT :) 

SEO is no longer a dark art. SEO is about encoding the rich relationships and entities from your website and sharing them to the wider world.

Come to this session and hear about this wonderful new and interconnected world -- the Knowledge Graph.

Topics Covered

  • What is the Semantic Web
  • What is
  • Modelling your Content Types
  • Marking up your Content Types and Fields with terms
  • Rich Snippets, Testing & viewing how your content will appear in Google search results
  • Learn why data-driven design is the new SEO
  • Learn how to increase your visitors through better search results

This talk will be targeted at the beginner/intermediate, but I will also delve into "some" advanced topics -- like the meaning of "Semantic" :) I will give an intro and overview of everything covered and then will jump into how to put these things into place in your own Drupal site.

Experience level Intermediate
Primary track Drupal Futures